About Us

Joe and Frances White established White’s Foodliner in May of 1953 with the purchase of a grocery store in Coldwater, KS. Joe and Frances' hard work, desire and vision for the business has been the foundation that we rely on today. Joe and Frances retired in the mid-1990's. Joe's love for the business was inspired by visits to his paternal grandparents in SE Kansas who operated small grocery stores in that region. After working at several stores in Dodge City, KS and Denver, CO, he realized a dream with the purchase of his first store.

White's Foodliners has expanded and contracted through the years. There have been as many as seven stores owned at one time.

Coldwater-purchased 1953, sold 1999
Cimarron-purchased 1970, new construction 1997, sold 2007
Kingman - purchased 1974, new construction 1998
Medicine Lodge - purchased 1993, new construction in 2010
Phillipsburg - purchased 1999
Goddard, KS - purchased 1999, closed in 2010
Ulysses - purchased 2000, sold 2003
Hugoton, KS - purchased 2000, sold in 2016
Pawnee, OK - purchased in 2011

White's management and board have strived through the years to reinvest in our stores and communities by updating our stores with the purchase of new equipment to replace the outdated and the remodel of stores and departments.

Today, D. Pat White has ownership of all the store operations. Pat is the President and CEO of White's Foodliner grocery store operation. Jordan White is the general manager and responsible for day to day operations.

White's Foodliner Store Mission:
1) To give our customers the best quality products and services at competitive prices in pleasant and safe conditions.
2) To provide our associates and employees a safe and enjoyable work environment while providing competitive wage and benefit compensation.
3) To give our stockholders a fair return on their investment.
4) To serve and support our communities.

Our stores participate in our local Chambers of Commerce and our managers are members of local clubs and organizations.

We fully realize that our small town schools are the backbone and a focal point of our communities. We support our schools, students and activities as well as helping with the yearly and special events in our cities and counties.

Store Manager - Tamara Evans
Office Manager - Meredith Ensign
Grocery Manager - G. Mark Brumfield
Produce Manager - Buddy Richards
Meat Market Manager - Jimmy Wilson